Common Sense Education Workshop

CUE has partnered with Common Sense Media to power their professional development offerings. Common Sense Media offers a comprehensive K-12 curriculum to teach students to be safe and responsible digital citizens. The innovative curriculum is:

  • Research-based
  • Flexible
  • Balanced in tone
  • Student-centered
  • Adaptable to low-tech or high-tech classrooms
  • Rich with engaging videos and digital media activities
  • Filled with parent resources
  • Standards-aligned (AASL, ISTE's NETS, and ELA Common Core)
  • Complete with assessment tools
  • At no cost to educators
In a Common Sense Media workshop, participants will be empowered to help students learn how to think critically, participate responsibly, and behave safely online. They will also learn how to engage parents in digital citizenship and take a whole-community approach by connecting home and school.

Common Sense Media is dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology. For more information about Common Sense Media's curriculum, visit

Workshop Descriptions

From Digital Students to Digital Citizens

Are your students good digital citizens? Students are living their lives online, but without a road map on how to be safe, responsible, and respectful. Learn how to implement a comprehensive digital literacy and citizenship curriculum that helps students fully harness the potential of technology. Participants will be introduced to digital media in kids’ lives, get a theoretical overview of digital literacy and citizenship, and dive into Common Sense Media’s engaging resources, lesson plans and activities for teachers to use with students. Participants also learn how to engage parents and build a positive school culture. The workshop can be customized to focus on any (or all) of the following topic areas of the curriculum:

  • Safety and Security: Students learn concrete skills to stay safe and secure online, including how to engage in safe online talk and keep their information secure.
  • Digital Citizenship: Students reflect on how to behave ethically online, including privacy and digital footprints, cyberbullying, self-expression, copyright and fair use.
  • Research and Evaluation: Students think critically about finding and evaluating information online, including effective searching and evaluating trustworthiness of websites.

Leave with ideas and tools you can implement immediately in your school. (This workshop can be customized to be full or half-day; for elementary, middle or high school; and with a focus on one or more of the three topic areas.)

Be an Upstander! Addressing Cyberbullying in Schools

As kids and schools become more digitally connected, bullying manifests itself in ways beyond the playground. Schools can help stop bullying before it starts by encouraging students to move from being "bystanders" to "upstanders." In this half-day workshop, participants learn what cyberbullying is, what students should do if they are targeted, how to educate students about cyberbullying, and how to create a positive school community. Participants will be introduced to Common Sense Media’s Cyberbullying Toolkit, which offers key lesson plans, engaging videos, a parent outreach kit, and resource links for administrators and kids. Leave with ideas and tools you can implement immediately in your school. (This workshop can be customized for elementary, middle, or high school.)

Keeping Track of Privacy and Digital Footprints

Increasingly, kids are sharing information about themselves online. But what does this mean for their privacy and reputation, now and in the future? This half-day workshop focuses on kids’ online privacy and digital footprints. Learn about the ethical issues of kids’ online privacy, and try out lesson activities, watch videos, and discuss ethical scenarios around privacy. Learn about resources to help you build a whole-community approach around ethics and safety with students, teachers, and parents. You will walk away with ideas and tools you can implement immediately in your school. (This workshop can be customized for elementary, middle or high school.)

How to Respect Creative Work in a Copy-Paste Culture

Young people live in a world where information is easily available to copy, paste, and remix. With this comes opportunities such as idea-sharing and creative expression, and challenges such as plagiarism and piracy. In this half-day workshop, participants take a deep dive into Common Sense Media’s curriculum unit on Respecting Creative Work, exploring topics ranging from copyright to fair use. Participants learn how to teach students their rights and responsibilities as creators, including concrete skills such as avoiding plagiarism and writing citations, to larger ethical debates about using creative work from others.  (This workshop can be customized for middle or high school.)

Getting Smart about E-Rate

Does your school receive E-Rate funding? Are you confused how to comply with its additional educational requirements? In this half-day workshop, participants learn how to educate students to meet E-Rate compliance. They will be introduced to Common Sense Media’s E-Rate Toolkit, which includes lessons for grades K-12 that directly address Internet safety, cyberbullying, and security. The lessons are complete with videos, activities, workshops, and assessments for the classroom, as well as parent-outreach materials. If you are a decision-maker for E-Rate funding, this workshop is for you.



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