Your goals as a presenter

Your goal is to empower educators to address digital citizenship in their school by providing them the tools, resources, and know-how necessary to teach students these skills. 
  • Introduce participants to the background and statistics about the children's media landscape.
  • Sample lesson activities. Do the activities with the group. Watch videos from the lesson. Have participants reflect on how students would react, and how they envision integrating the lessons into their curriculum. 
  • Watch videos from the professional development page to see examples of lessons in action, and best practices.
  • Understand how they can integrate and implement the digital citizenship curriculum into their school.
  • Explain how they can engage parents in digital citizenship. 
  • Help them develop an action plan and next steps. 
  • Introduce them to additional CSM resources for educators (Parent Education Program, Digital Passport, Curriculum Toolkits, resources on Edmodo and iTunes)