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Key Messaging + Content

Key Messages to Cover
  • Who is Common Sense Media? 
  • Who funded the curriculum? (MacArthur, Hewlett, & Sherwood Foundations)
  • What kind of curriculum is offered, and how was it developed? 
    • A comprehensive K-12 curriculum:  Digital Literacy and Citizenship in a Connected Culture. 
    • Three topic areas: 1) Safety and Security; 2) Digital Citizenship, and 3) Research and Information Literacy
    • Differentiated by grade (K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12)
    • Created in partnership with Dr. Howard Gardner and the Good Play Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education
    • Teaches kids critical thinking skills to help them make safe and responsible choices online and with digital media
    • We take a "rings of responsibility" approach, in which you teach kids to be responsible for themselves, friends and family, and the larger online community
  • Register as an educator so you can download the curriculum

Content and Structure of the Presentation
  • Overview and background of the issue
  • Depth about the issue per grade level
  • Solutions: A whole-community approach
  • Explore our resources (role model lesson activities)
  • Lesson Integration and Implementation
  • Engage parents
  • Action steps

Goals for the audience
  • To better understand the issues 
  • To see lessons modeled so they feel more comfortable teaching them
  • To brainstorm ways they can integrate and implement the curriculum
  • To understand how they can meet standards
  • To feel equipped and empowered to teach students about digital literacy and citizenship
  • To be prepared to engage parents
  • To be an ambassador and leader for their school