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Certified Trainer Requirements

Welcome! We're excited to have you join us to be a Common Sense Certified Trainer. Please complete the following steps for training, most of which is self-guided. 

1. *Complete the entire K-12 curriculum training (all grade levels). You will need to register on this site (it's separate from our website). If you need to stop and return where you left off, the system remembers which chapter you left off on, not the exact spot. At the end you will receive a certificate of completion. *If you are already extremely familiar with the curriculum, this step is optional. (2 hours, 23 min)

2. Watch one of the following archived webinars (approx 1 hour each)

                     Cyberbullying Toolkit: Educate Kids to be Upstanders

                     Teaching Parents about the Impact of Media on Kids

3. Select at least 4 videos on the PD page to watch
 (approx 5 min./ea.). The "Common Sense on the Common 
Core" videos were produced with the Teaching Channel.  (approx. 25 min)

4. Sign up as an educator on Digital Passport. Play at least 2 games under the "Preview Games" page (this is similar to the page students see). For the two games you play, look at the accompanying teacher resources under the "Educator Materials" tab. These are  wrap-around materials for teachers around the games. They also include all the student activities, including the Missions and the Expert Zone materials. On the the "get trained" tab, watch the 6 training videos. (approx. 1 hour total)

5. Explore the Digital Citizenship page on Edmodo and a short article of our partnership with Edmodo. See what teachers are talking about on this page, and check out some of the resources they're sharing. Consider the benefits of using a site such as Edmodo to teach students digital citizenship. (30 min)

6. Read over the Digital Citizenship Workshop offering on this Trainings page. Be sure to read over the "Trainer's Guide." Look through the slides, including the speakers' notes for the slides. Reflect on the following questions:   (approx. 1 hr)
  • Is this presentation structure similar to, or different from how you've already been educating teachers and schools about digital citizenship?
  • How will you localize this presentation for your audience(s)? 
  • In which area(s) do you feel most comfortable with training teachers? In which area(s) do you feel least comfortable?
  • What are examples and best practices will you be referring to?
  • How will you assist schools beyond professional development?
7. Take this survey after completing these components. The survey is a combination of comprehension and reflection questions.

8. Attend a virtual meeting. Be prepared to share your reactions and thoughts to the different elements of the training, and be ready to discuss the reflection questions listed above. (2 hours) 


In total, this is a 6.5 hour commitment (8.5 hours with #1), most of which is self-guided. 

Note that I will be addicting additional workshops to this site, which will be part of your "continuing education" after these certification steps.